History & Heritage

Founding of Town

Major Edward Jessup (1735-1816) was awarded the 1200 acres on which Prescott is located by King George III for his loyalty to the Crown during the American War of Independence. Jessup led his troops to Augusta Township, which was established in 1784, along with the other seven Royal Townships along the St. Lawrence River from Cornwall to Kingston. Jessup decided to convert a portion of his farm in Augusta into a town site in 1810 and surveyed the land in order to sell town lots. He named the town after General Robert Prescott, governor of Canada from 1796 to 1799.

Prescott was a strategic site on the St. Lawrence River for various reasons, including the fact that it stood at the head of the series of rapids between it and Montreal. All boats and ships between Montreal and York (later named Toronto) had to transfer goods and people at Prescott between smaller and larger vessels. Prescott's first major business was the forwarding trade to facilitate these transfers. When war broke out in 1812 between America and Britain, the British decided to build a fort at Prescott to safeguard the border and maintain the flow of traffic along the St. Lawrence River. Fort Wellington was built between 1813 and 1815 to accommodate British soldiers on land that had been owned by Major Jessup.

Heritage Designated & Interest Properties

Identifying properties of cultural heritage value and cultural heritage interest are an essential part of a municipality's role in heritage conservation. Please see the Municipal Register of Heritage Properties for more information.

Historic buildings provide us with physical reminders of our past and a greater understanding and appreciation of our local identity. 

Property Address Designation By-Law
201 Water Street 1913
356 East Street 1962
121-123 King Street West 24-84
197 Water Street West 33-84
543 King Street West 43-84
389 Edward Street 30-85
112-118 King Street West 31-85
124 King Street West 32-85
126 King Street West 33-85
130 King Street West 34-85
439 Edward Street 50-85
440 Dibble Street West 36-83
115 King Street West  37-83
159 King Street East 38-83
117-119 King Street West 24-84
530 Dibble Street West 23-84
160 Dibble Street West (The Church of St. Mark the Evangelist) 51-85
160 Dibble Street West (The Rectory of the Church of St. Mark the Evangelist) 52-85
St. Mark's Club - James Street West 53-85
251 Water Street West 54-85
193-197 Water Street West  
256 James Street West 45-86
385 Park Street West 46-86
248 Park Street West 2-88
302 East Street 35-88
393 George Street 36-88
290 Henry Street West 9-89
138 Park Street West 10-89
569 Centre Street 38-89
533 King Street West 7-90
724 King Street West 06-96
741 King Street West 07-96
763 King Street West 26-96


305 Centre Street
408 East Street
392 Edward Street
157 Dibble Street West
171 Dibble Street West
320 Dibble Street West
691 Water Street
172 Dibble Street West
388 Centre Street
495 King Street West
461 Centre Street
186-198 King Street West
100-120 King Street East
202-204 King Street West
241 Water Street
262, 270, 272 Dibble Street West
692 King Street West
281 Dibble Street West
218-224 King Street West
693 King Street West
147 Dibble Street West
491 James Street West
177 Dibble Street East
590 George Street
253 King Street West

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