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Experience Prescott’s unique blend of strategic advantages and inclusive opportunities; all of which contribute towards a lifestyle and business climate that is second to none. You’ll discover countless benefits when you choose to build your life, career or business here in Prescott.

If you’re looking to grow your business you’ve come to the right place. As companies who have done the same will attest to, Prescott is an ideal place to do business, with easy access to a variety of markets by land, water, rail and air, affordable operating costs, strong labour force, world-class research and post-secondary institutions, and generous & flexible incentive programs.

Prescott is committed to working together to support our business community. The Town welcomes businesses and investment with open arms and provides a responsive one-window approach to facilitate business and property developments.

Prescott has much to offer not only your business, but your employees too. Care-free commuting, a small-town feel, competitive housing prices and a whole host of amenities are just a few advantages we are excited to share with you.

Connect with us and find out how you can be part of Prescott.

Gauri Shankar, Mayor, Town of Prescott
Tracey Young, Councillor & Economic Development/Planning Committee Chair

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Prescott has many competitive advantages and the vast network of people here are committed to helping businesses succeed - truly setting our community apart. Despite its progressive growth, Prescott continues to retain its friendly small town charm. From industry experts and networking organizations to research and business support agencies, Prescott couldn't be better positioned to support you and your business growth.

For more information regarding Economic Development Department services and community opportunities, please contact:

Dana Valentyne, Economic Development Officer
dvalentyne@prescott.ca613-925-2812 Ext: 6221

Justin St. Pierre, Business Development Officer
jstpierre@prescott.ca613-925-2812 Ext: 6222

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