Community Improvement Plan Program

Community Improvement Plan

Prescott's Community Improvement Plan (CIP) supports projects that revitalize, strengthen and diversify our community. Eligible projects can receive non-repayable funding grants, 0% interest loans and significant tax increment grants, to offset the increased taxes driven by higher property values at project completion.  Prescott's CIP program offers incentives to property/business owners, under four categories in distinct geographical project areas - learn more below.

Program Objectives

  • Maintain, rehabilitate, and revitalize the physical environment in the Town as a means of improving the quality of life for residents, workers, and visitors in the Town.
  • Consider community improvement as an important part of the Town’s commitment to local economic development and support for tourism, commerce, and industry in Prescott.
  • Recognize community improvement as the primary means by which the Town can facilitate brownfield redevelopment.

This area is located in the Downtown Core and includes all businesses/commercial properties located within the Prescott Business Improvement Area (BIA) boundaries.

This area is located in key employment zones and includes most of Prescott’s industrial and manufacturing industries.

This area includes designated heritage buildings located in the downtown core and in the residential district south of the railway corridor.

This area includes known or suspected Brownfield properties located throughout Prescott.

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